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Sirah [userpic]
New person- large dump of info- Sorry.
by Sirah (sirah_fires)
at April 29th, 2006 (10:35 pm)

current mood: crappy

I am 29 as of April 17th... the day after my husband & I went and registered for the birth at our local hospital. It's beautiful with the baby being able to room in... our first is due for May 17th or in that region.
So, just under a month from giving birth. Long story, involving a suddenly discovered massive medical bill and lots of contradictory food suggestions info being pushed when volunteering at a New Age expo, I am on Seroquel to help me sleep- I.E. 350MG nightly (400mg made me feel strange and so I split a pill nightly). Today I think I managed a 15 minute nap mid-day!! very happy about it. I've been on the Seroquel since Feb 23rd I am not sure that 350mg really helps me enough because I still can have a hard time getting to sleep if something upsets me. (OR I allow it too... as my husband would say...)
I just had my last Bradley class today and the lady was very friendly-- but I couldn't bring myself to tell her I have Bipolar and with all her great suggestions for going without ANY meds for labor (I have had really scary SERIOUS medical reactions in the past so I agree to that plan for myself). But, I barely can even focus myself to formalize a birth plan to tell my doctor my feelings on things. The doctor has even given me the lovely statement... "You don't need a birth plan..." grrr... I don't want to recieve any other medicines-- I was diagnosed as bipolar when haldol & lithium and depakot sent me into a frozen, unconscious state (Nueroleptic Malignant Syndrome- the body stops flushing lactic acid from the muscles- the stuff that builds up and exhausts muscles during exercise). So, I have had a hard time accepting my diagnosis.
Right now we plan to breastfeed and recent studies show very little medication remains in the breastmilk after 2 hrs so looking forward to that with our baby. We will also have the baby in a co-sleeper next tot he bed and I hope that this will help the baby feel some security and positive interaction. But I am scared too- I hope I can be a good parent.

Just last night I was up quite late and found information on the need for calcium, Omega-3's and B vitamins along with some other micronutrients I haven't been able to identify. So, I made sure to take stuff from my dad's mega-vitamins and my favorite viatmins. (solaray B- stress). I remember a dream or two. I know I woke int he middle of one dream still last night I woke just about every 2 hours! I feel only a little bit tired but I am otherwise feeling okay.


Posted by: Amber (starlit_moon)
Posted at: April 30th, 2006 11:47 am (UTC)

Okay, 1 Congratulations and I'm so happy you have a doc who is willing to prescribe your seroquel while pregnant!! (I take less than you do and my doctor is being a prick... I've had to find a new one and lie about being preggy... meaning baggy shirts and crap)

2 I have had an all natural birth Bradley style and I'm bipolar (and have a massively hard time accepting it too as I was doped up on Depakote as well when first diagnosed). It is possible, but yes, you do need a birth plan and a very specific one at that in order to not have them railroad you while in labor and having that possibly induce a "mania" (I hate calling it that...) I will try and find my birthplan we had for our daughter so you kind of have something to look at... coming from another bipolar/seroquel/bradley method mom might mean something more to ya..???

3 Yay!! on the breastfeeding, and I have a great book for you to have on hand in case anyone gets cranky that you are taking medications while breastfeeding. It's by Dr. Thomas Hale and is called "Medications and Mother Milk" he has a forum that you can read some infor and questions practitioners have for him, but I highly reccomend the book. His Forum:

Anyways, I work the graveyard shif tand it's past my bedtime... (6:48am is way to late in my evening LOL)

I'll check back in this later, I just wanted you to know that it's been done, all natural birth and breastfeeding to boot (a year with the first, hoping for more with the second) ;-)

Posted by: Sirah (sirah_fires)
Posted at: April 30th, 2006 06:40 pm (UTC)
I could kiss you!

Please find that birth plan... I have been online gathering information and birth plan stuff but they all look and sound very poorly expressed. I am just having a hard time making the plan sound like a "positive request." I know I don't want to turn the nursing staff off to my requests via the wordage.
I have been on Seroquel only since Feb 22nd... I had a really hard mixed episode and my husband still believes that I went into a mania high since I was sleeping so poorly. I have tried to get him to realise that I was feeling negative emotions not just kite flying. So, scared that could happen all over again with a baby who needs & deserves my undevided adoration.
I have hunted online for good suggestions with depression/Bipolar- Omega-3's seem to be helpful as are some of the B's and calcium intake.

Posted by: Sirah (sirah_fires)
Posted at: April 30th, 2006 10:05 pm (UTC)
extra q's
Stupid stick!

So, you were on seroquel and it didn't prevent you from going into labor?
That's one of my greatest fears... I am not having a lot of braxton-hicks and I worry that I am not active enough to "labor." yeah, yeah load of bull- but I see so many athletically active people and worry... okay I just worry.
My mom works nights as well so I understand just how much it means to take this early morning time & I thank you greatly.
Any suggstions on things that you felt helped food or supply-wise in the hospital?

Posted by: Sirah (sirah_fires)
Posted at: May 6th, 2006 04:02 am (UTC)
don't worry about it...

Well, my husband & I created a birth plan and the doctor had acomplete hissy fit.. told me he doesn't read them, that he does whats best for you and baby... It's a sign of questioning his experience & knowledge... whippy-doo-da-day.
Buttmunch... grrr.
Personally, all I really wanted was to ask is: What AM I Allowed to DO While IN the Hospital. but of course he got me so flustered I couldn't even ask about fluid intake and avoiding IV's.

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